Bellingen Autumn Plant Fair – 11 March 2023

The Bellingen Autumn Plant Fair wheels have begun to turn as we start organising the wonderful event for Saturday 11 March 2023.

We look forward to a full park of plants and everything associated with, including delicious food, drinks and live music on the main stage from 9am by Thoughts & Prayers.

Thoughts & Prayers are a duo from Valla Beach on the NSW mid north coast featuring
Brett Barber and Deb Spillane. Although genre-fluid they are tempted to describe themselves as pioneers of post- Covid pop!

Their mission is to prove that the vast majority of the best songs ever written only
need two guitars and two vocal harmonies to hit the spot. The name Thoughts & Prayers was chosen in a shameless attempt to become the most mentioned band in the world. Sadly it’s since become evident that if it’s politicians saying your name it’s not really helpful!

Thoughts & Prayers have a chill sound ideal for markets, house parties, cafes and
restaurants. Their music does not rely on computerised beats, backing tracks or
excessive volume. (They are more likely to peak at 7 rather than 11)

For more information or to book them, contact Deb Spillane 0418 603513

We also have various environmental community groups join us to spread the good word.

Proudly brought to you by the Bellingen Environment Centre Inc. the day is all about plants and caring for our environment.

Hope you can join us.

Click here for more information

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